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 Effective Addiction Treatment and Recovery at CareForward Health

Our mission at CareForward Health, a Beverly Hills rehab center, is to provide clients with the opportunity to experience a full life beyond drugs and alcohol. A life that includes recognizing the beauty that exists around us and within us. We provide a safe, private, and therapeutic environment for clients to begin or further their recovery, where they know they will be treated with dignity and respect. Our intensive outpatient (IOP) and day treatment (PHP) services support clients in building a strong foundation through the 12 steps, psycho-educational groups, life skills education, group and individual therapy, and holistic healing. We educate individuals on the benefits of long-term continuing support post-discharge to enhance and support their continued recovery.

We ensure that clients are provided with the strategies, supports, and resources to create a sustainable life in recovery while pursuing their goals. There are opportunities to foster their passions, build on their strengths, navigate triggers, and create an enriching future. Addiction isn’t a dead end – it’s the chance for a new beginning where clients are empowered to choose sobriety every day as they work through supportive rehab programs in Beverly Hills.. CareForward Health helps them to find their way and balance life’s challenges with a lifestyle of recovery.

CareForward Health partners with approved detox and sober living facilities to provide high quality, comprehensive care from the initial stages of recovery to aftercare and beyond. There is hope and recovery is possible. It’s never too late to get help and turn your life around, and CareForward Health is here to show you the way.

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Addiction Treatment in Beverly Hills,

CareForward Health is a comprehensive care treatment facility located in Beverly Hills. We have built a thriving recovery community which incorporates structured treatment along with the excitement of multicultural events and the arts throughout the greater Los Angeles and Venice areas. Our staff is highly trained and educated in addiction treatment and recovery, and we partner with clients and their families to create an enriching and life-changing experience. Progress is based on clinical milestones, allowing clients to move at their own pace and fully embrace each step of their treatment. In addition, we offer a dual diagnosis program to assist clients in managing mental health challenges as well.

This is by far an amazing place to recover. Thank you CARE FORWARD!!! I haven’t felt this good since childhood. One day at a time…my family notices the difference especially my sister.- Lillian M.



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Alumni Success Stories

Watch videos from real CareForward clients sharing their experiences or read testimonials from clients and their families.

Gratitude. Forever. I owe my life as it is today to the amazing group of people that make Care Forward possible.

I had an amazing experience here. The staff is amazing, and the friends you make along the way are even better.

Helped save my life, thank you for all you have taught me & helped me with even after coming home!


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