Our Mission

To provide the opportunity to experience a full life beyond drugs and alcohol. A life that includes recognizing the beauty that exists around us and within us. To provide a safe, private and therapeutic place for clients to begin, or further their recovery. To assure that individuals are treated with dignity and respect through a supportive environment while building a foundation through the 12-Steps, psycho-educational groups, life skill education, group and individual therapy, as well as promoting health and education for the Mind, Body and Spirit. To educate the individual to the benefits of long-term continuing support post-discharge to enhance and support their continued recovery.

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Client Focused, Strength Based, Community Forward

  CareForward Health is a Comprehensive Care treatment facility offering both IOP (intensive outpatient) and Day Treatment PHP services. We provide structured, supportive services to meet a client’s health needs. Conveniently located in Beverly Hills, we serve the greater Los Angeles area and Venice. Located between Wilshire and Santa Monica, we are proud to serve the needs of the westside community. CareForward Health is different because we understand that care is the cornerstone of health. We understand that a client’s road to recovery requires a complex balance of skillsets and therapeutic practices. Our staff is equipped with the experience and education it takes to make a real difference in someone’s life. We look forward to introducing you to our wellness philosophy.