Finding Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Dealing with addiction is challenging for everyone involved. Substance misuse affects the entire family, and it can be frustrating and heartbreaking to watch a loved one struggle. You can see how it is impacting their life, but they may be in denial. You may feel helpless and unsure of what to say to get a loved one into addiction treatment. But you are not alone, and CareForward Health can help you find addiction treatment for a loved one and begin the healing process.

One of the best things that you can do is educate yourself about addiction so that you have a better understanding of what the person is going through and how recovery works. There are a multitude of online resources, family support groups, addiction recovery professionals, and more to help you navigate the process. CareForward Health can walk you through what to expect with a day treatment or intensive outpatient treatment program.

Share your concern with your loved one about their health and well-being. Let them know that you are worried and want to help. Reassure them that you will stand beside them along each step of the way. Your loved one may be in denial, so try to avoid guilting or shaming them into treatment. Use I statements instead: I get worried when you don’t come home until late; I care about you and want to help.

Remember that addiction recovery takes time and requires everyone to work together. You will have to make changes in your own life as well, so partnering with CareForward Health can help you to get the support you need too and fully embrace the recovery journey. Our team provides comprehensive care that helps families to overcome the challenges of addiction and empowers clients to building a thriving life in recovery.

Your Loved One’s Recovery at CareForward Health

There is no blanket solution for addiction recovery – it is not one-size-fits all. At CareForward Health, we recognize that every person is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Instead, we work with your loved one to develop a treatment plan that fits their individual needs. Each program is rooted in the principles of the 12 steps, but incorporates grief and loss counseling, codependency and trigger counseling, self-care groups, emotional workshops, individual and group therapy, and discharge planning. Clients develop healthier coping strategies and work through underlying issues to promote healing and reduce risk of relapse. They also have the option of incorporating faith and religious preferences into their treatment plan.

While at CareForward Health, your loved one will live in a beautiful, safe, supervised sober living home where they can practice what they are learning and enhance their independence in a substance-free environment surrounded by others in recovery. There are opportunities to explore the vibrant community of Los Angeles and visit museums, exhibits, events, and social activities. Your loved one will develop a strong support system that includes family, recovery specialists, and others in recovery to help foster accountability, motivation, and positive experiences.

Living a full and meaningful live beyond addiction is achievable with support from CareForward. If your loved one is struggling with addiction, know that you are not alone in this journey. We will work with you to encourage your loved one to seek addiction treatment and find the appropriate level of care to support their needs. You can also find the resources and guidance to cope with the impact of addiction on your life and your family, fostering a more supportive environment for everyone involved. CareForward Health is here to help, and we will walk alongside you every step of the way as you make recovery a reality for your family.