Individual & Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Living a rich and fulfilling life free from addiction is a reality for many people who have completed addiction treatment. Through hard work, an open mind, and participation in a variety of therapeutic activities, these individuals have developed the tools and strategies to support lasting recovery. Part of this process is working through the challenges they face each day, whether from events in the past or current situations. Individual and group recovery therapy play an integral role in overcoming these issues and solidifying coping strategies.

No two people experience addiction or recovery exactly the same way. At CareForward Health, we ensure that clients play an active role in developing their treatment plan so that it aligns with their unique needs and goals. For instance, clients have the opportunity to incorporate their religious preferences into treatment for a more meaningful experience that fits with their personal beliefs. Individual and group therapy allows clients to explore topics related to their recovery more deeply and connect with others who are facing similar challenges. Working with a licensed therapist, our clients are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to promote long-term recovery and make healthier choices.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy for drug & alcohol addiction or mental health disorders, clients work one-on-one with a therapist. Here they can express their personal thoughts, concerns, triumphs, and obstacles when it comes to sobriety. It is a chance to explore the emotions and behaviors that surround recovery and work through triggers, potentially harmful patterns, and temptations that arise.

Clients can develop targeted strategies to maintain sobriety, reduce stress, resist temptation, and promote positive thinking as they progress in their recovery. There may be issues from group therapy that a client wants to explore more thoroughly or revisit, and they can do so in individual therapy. In addition, they can work on challenges that they face in their own lives as they learn to adjust to a healthier lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol.

This one-on-one attention and ability to freely express one’s thoughts and feelings can be empowering and inspiring. Clients can feel more confident in dealing with life’s ups and downs as they learn to balance life in sobriety with personal and professional endeavors.

Group Therapy

While individual therapy is a powerful tool in recovery, clients at CareForward Health also benefit from participating in group therapy as well. Clients come together in a safe, respectful, and trusting environment to share with one another and work together on issues that impact recovery. Led by a licensed therapist, it is an opportunity to practice communication and problem solving skills, hear different perspectives, and collaborate on solutions.

Hearing others speak is also a reassuring reminder to clients that they are not alone and others are going through similar issues. Their experiences are a normal part of the addiction recovery process, and they are manageable. Clients interact with the therapist and their peers to raise awareness of challenges they may face and develop strategies for coping with these issues in a positive way. Group therapy also helps to build life and social skills in a supportive and structured environment.

Some of the specialized individual and group therapies available include:

  • Self-Care Groups: Increases self-sufficiency at home, builds work skills, and emphasizes individual strengths and abilities.
  • Emotional Workshops: Clients learn to turn negative emotions into more positive outlets and deal with emotionally charged situations in a productive way.
  • Grief and Loss Counseling: Focuses on processing grief and loss in a healthy fashion to prevent these issues from inhibiting recovery progress.
  • Codependency and Triggers Counseling: Develops coping skills to manage stress, identify triggers, and promote independence when transitioning back into the community.

Individual and group recovery therapy at CareForward Health benefit not only addiction recovery, but also mental health. Clients can work through struggles with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other conditions in a safe environment and build coping skills. Positive mental health can significantly impact recovery and reduce risk of relapse. At CareForward Health, we emphasize healing the body, mind, and spirit through comprehensive care. Individual and group therapies are just one part of the whole process as clients learn to thrive in recovery.