re you looking for additional support as you find a manageable balance between drug and alcohol addiction recovery and everyday life? CareForward Health’s intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles, California may be the right fit for you. Outpatient drug and  alcohol treatment groups meet for a portion of the day to accommodate your schedule and provide flexible options to make sober living a reality. Our clients stay in sober living homes to ensure that they are fully supported in early recovery. This intensive outpatient treatment program structure ensures that you can work through the recovery process and strengthen your coping skills at your own pace and will around the clock support.

CareForward Health’s IOP program typically meets on weekdays, but evening and weekend hours are available. Whether they are in an outpatient alcohol or drug treatment program, clients can focus on the skills and strategies necessary for recovery, working through real-life challenges as they occur, and then implement these techniques into their everyday living. Attending outpatient therapy and specialty groups becomes an integral part of each day, promoting a solid foundation for lasting sobriety and access to support services and resources.

CareForward’s staff are the “most caring and proactive team I’ve had the honor of meeting.”- Vladimir C.

Why Choose CareForward Health’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment at CareForward Health, a comprehensive treatment facility,  provides a stable stepping stone as clients progress in their addiction recovery. Individual therapy is directed by each client’s unique needs and the challenges and opportunities they face. Group therapy connects clients with others who are at similar stages in their recovery and face the same questions, concerns, and feelings. Together our clients can learn from and support one another as they move toward clinical milestones. Each person progresses at their own pace, and this drives their personalized, intensive treatment plan.

There are specialized services available for clients who are interested in exploring the relationship between faith, addiction, and long-term recovery. The program director is a certified pastor and works with clients on their religious preferences and supports spiritual growth and healing. For those individuals dealing with mental health issues, dual diagnosis services ensure that treatment encompasses strategies and understanding regarding anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other conditions. Emphasis on positive mental health is incorporated throughout treatment for all clients as it supports ongoing motivation and success in recovery. Specialty groups focus on self-care, art therapy, emotional workshops, and other methodologies that are relevant to client’s lives and the changes they are implementing as they overcome addiction.

Another valuable feature of IOP services at CareForward Health treatment center is integration into the community. The Los Angeles area is a melting pot of different cultures and events. Clients engage in recreational activities such as going to museums, attending special exhibits, and visiting local landmarks. They can discover personal connections and inspiration through these trips that empower them to explore their own creative interests and more effectively process their thoughts and feelings. Community engagement also encourages clients to practice their coping skills and deal with temptation in healthy ways.

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

To provide clients with the best opportunity to be successful in IOP treatment, they stay in sober living homes throughout the area. These outpatient care facilities are run by organizations that CareForward Health partners with to provide safe, substance-free environments where clients can thrive in recovery. The sober living homes offer a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere to support increased independence. The sites are supervised and clients participate in random drug testing and breathalyzer checks to promote accountability and reduce the risk of relapse.

Individuals in these outpatient rehab homes form close-knit bonds and a supportive environment as they all work the 12-steps, attend daily therapies and group sessions, and learn to balance their new life in recovery. Clients partner with their treatment team to develop personal goals and strategies so that they feel more confident in their abilities upon completion of the intensive outpatient program. The program lasts a minimum of 30 days, but clients are monitored based on clinical milestones to determine their readiness to make transitions and exit the program. When it comes to drug and alcohol treatment, no two people are the same, and CareForward Health takes the time to get to know each client and what’s most important to them in addiction recovery from substance abuse.

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