We applaud every person who commits to taking the first step towards a better, brighter addiction free future.  While every recovery journey is different in many ways– but there are some key, common steps that help to set the foundation for lasting recovery.

Steps of the Drug & Alcohol Rehab Process

Specific steps of each client’s addiction recovery plan will vary according to the recommendations of their treatment team, the substance of abuse and other individual factors. However, most rehabilitation processes tend to share important milestones.

Steps of the rehabillitation process at CareForward Health:

  1. Admission
  2. Detoxification (also called “detox”)
  3. Treatment- Programming & Therapy
  4. Life Skills & Relapse Prevention


Picking up that phone and reaching out for help is the best choice you can make! When you call us, one of our compassionate Admissions Coordinators will answer your call. Our coordinators are extensively trained to help guide you through the process of entering into treatment and are here to answer any questions you might have. Our agents will assist in figuring out if your insurance covers the cost of treatment and what financial options we have. From the moment you decide to enter into treatment, we will be there to guide you through.

You will also speak to one of our medically trained and licensed professionals for what we call an “assessment”. An assessment is just that – we are assessing how we can best serve your unique needs.


Detoxification is the process of cleansing your body of harmful drugs and alcohol. This process should only be completed under the watchful and experienced care of trained professionals. Without medical supervision detox can be painful, dangerous and even deadly. The detox process varies for each client, depending on the substance abused and other individual factors, but all of our clients requiring detox do so under the expert supervision of the trained staff at our trusted, licensed detox partner facilities. Our goal is to make sure that you can get you through your detoxification process with as little discomfort for you as possible. 

Treatment- Programming & Therapy

Our treatment programs are individualized for each client based on their recovery goals and unique needs. Recovery at CareForward Health is NOT one-size-fits-all. Your treatment team will work with you to decide the best level of care for you and you will progress through your program as clinical milestones are met along the way. You will participate in group and individual therapy sessions, enrichment activities in our local, Southern California area and return home each evening to one of our safe, supervised sober living partner facilities.

Life Skills & Relapse Prevention

Our specialized theraputic groups are designed so that our clients client have the ability to practice their newly learned skills in the comfort of the structured environment that the treatment facility and their sober living environment has provided. Our clients participate in a variety of special groups and activities that help to foster healthy coping skills and relationships, build trust in others, foster passions and motivations, and other important life skills for a life in recovery.  

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